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At King Cross opticians, we stock a complete range of Lenses.

Bifocal Lenses

When we reach middle age we all start to suffer from presbyopia. This very often means that it becomes necessary to have two pairs of spectacles, one for distance vision and the other for close work. Due to life styles, work and hobbies it is not always convenient to keep changing spectacles.

Bifocals combine both distance and reading prescriptions into one lens. They have a dividing line to make the transition from distance into reading.

Varifocal Lenses

At King Cross Opticians, We only use the latest design Varifocals.

Varifocals, or progressive lenses as they are sometimes referred to, are similar in concept to bifocals.

They combine both distance and reading prescriptions into one lens. Unlike bifocals they do not have a dividing line as the prescription is blended. This blending not only enhances the focusing range of your prescription but, without a dividing line, improves the appearance of the spectacles.

Thinner Leses

The advancement in materials and lens design has meant that we can now produce lenses that are up to 45% thinner than standard lenses.

The benefits being that not only are the lenses lighter and therefore more comfortable to wear the appearance is improved, especially if combined with an anti reflection coating.


These lenses are sensitive to ultra violet light and turn to a darker shade when subjected to UV light.

Generally available in either Grey or Brown they provide a comfortable tint for every day wear and can also be used for sunglasses in all but very bright conditions.



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