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Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are transparent discs of plastic which when accurately fitted to the eye replace the wearer's need for spectacles. They have obvious advantages for the millions of people who happily wear them every day:-

• Improved appearance, with no hiding of your natural features. Contact lenses allow you complete freedom in the application of make-up.
• Better comfort with no heavy spectacles on your nose or ears. Or problems with your glasses steaming up or getting wet.
• Better vision for some people who have high prescriptions but all wearers experience an unrestricted field of view.
• New freedom for playing sport and taking part in leisure activities.


The most commonly worn lenses at present are monthly disposable soft lenses, which can cost as little as £13.00 per month including all solutions using the Focus lens from Cibavision. Monthly disposable lenses are also available in toric form (to correct astigmatism) and bifocal form.

Another recent development is the use of daily disposable lenses, which involve the insertion of a lens to wear which is then thrown away on removal. This type of lens is ideal for occasional wear such as playing golf at the weekend, or taking away on holiday. Some people also wear these lenses every day appreciating the obvious hygiene benefits of a fresh sterile lens every day.

Patients who require a long distance and near vision correction have in the past posed some difficulties for the contact lens practitioner but in recent years there have been several developments in this area. As well as bifocal lenses made from gas permeable materials and normal soft lens materials there are now disposable bifocal lenses available from Cibavision, Johnson & Johnson and Lunelle.

The most exciting innovation in the last year has been the development of a material blending flourosiloxane and hydrogel to create a lens with very high oxygen transmissibility. This provides a lens material that delivers up to 6 times more oxygen to the cornea than ordinary soft lenses, and has been approved for up to 30 nights extended wear.

When you attend our practice for an initial appointment your optometrist will assess your visual requirements and advise you accordingly, answering any of your questions as they arise.



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